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Health Talks USA

Connecting businesses with local wellness professionals to promote wellness in the workplace




In 2003 I quit my 9 to 5 job as a debt collector. I took a leap of faith and jumped into the booming mortgage industry. I spent my first year as a Loan Officer working for someone else. The following year I open my own mortgage company. In 2007 things were starting to change in the mortgage industry and I knew that I needed to have a back up plan. By 2008 I had started my own lead generation company. I was experienced and comfortable on the phone so it was a natural fit. Business was good. I hired a team and we did lead generation for a variety of clients in different industries. In 2011 I received a call from a wellness professional that wanted to hire me to schedule corporate lunch and learns for him with local businesses. I knew that was something I could do. Little did I know that call would change my life and was the first step in the inception of Health Talks USA. Within a year we were scheduling lunch and learns for 26 wellness professionals in 17 states. We averaged 300 lunch and learns a year and had several companies that scheduled lunch and learns with us on a regular basis. In March 2020 everything changed and the future of Health Talks USA was uncertain. After the shock wore off we pivoted into the virtual world. Going virtual had given me the opportunity to offer employers a wide variety of talks and classes. We hung on for another year but eventually Covid forced us to shut down. It just wasn’t the same. In May of 2023 I resumed business. It feels good to be doing what I had done for so long .I am passionate about health and wellness, and excited about the additional resources we will be offering in the future. We will be bringing back our virtual wellness weeks by the end of the year. I have made great partnerships that will allow me to offer talks/classes and services from coast to coast. So many exciting things to come. 


The Greatest Wealth Is Health

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