Frequently asked questions 



How long does a lunch and learn last?

 Typically a lunch and learn is from 45 minutes to an hour.


 Do you provide lunch?

 Yes the doctors will bring lunch for up to 30.


 We have employees with food allergies or special dietary requirements can you accommodate them?

 Yes, you will work with the doctors office on coordinating lunch.


 How much notice do you need to schedule a lunch and learn?

 We are usually scheduled out 4 to 6 weeks.


 Do you provide any marketing materials to advertise the event?

 Yes we will provide you with the flyer that you can use for promotion.


What is required on my part?

Our program is very simple and the process goes very smoothly. Not much is required on your part. We just need you to promote the event and provide us a headcount a few days before. 


Are the doctor selling anything?

No we are very choosy with the doctors we partner with and they are not allowed to make a sales pitch ask for personal information bring marketing materials or anything to sell.


Are we obligated for anything?

No, your only obligation is to make sure we have a minimum of 10 participants.


 What topics do you offer?

 You can find out all about our topics on the topics page.


 Can we only have one lunch and learn?

 No the doctors are happy to come back. We have a lot of companies that schedule events several times throughout the year.


How are your lunch and learns typically received?

The lunch and learns are very popular and we get great feedback.


What do use of the week are your doctors available?

That varies by doctor. Ask your representative what days of the week are available in your area.


We have 3 shifts. Can the doctor accommodate all shifts?

Yes. Our doctors are available early in the morning, during lunch time and early evening.






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