Core Nutrition Program

Sara Florida L.Ac., PhD


Health Talks has worked with Dr Florida for more than eight years. She has done talks for 100's of

companies in the Houston TX area. Dr Florida has developed an online wellness program to help people take control of their health. Her program will cover Mind-Gut Health, Stress Management and Immune Function. Her program is very relevant in our current time. With so much being out of our control it's important to focus on what we can control and that is our mindset and wellbeing. Did you know that much of our mood can be managed through diet, lifestyle and gut health! We actually have neurons in our gut that affect our stress, our immune system and our brain health! Our program will focus on balancing these three areas to boost immunity, manage stress, reduce anxiety and improve mental brain health.

30 Day Program:

Initial evaluation

Weekly content to address the areas via email and videos

Assignments and checklist to stay accountable 


90 Day Program


30 day program is extended to 90 days 

More customized program

3 individualized coaching sessions

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